Cloverdale Nursery is a wholesale and retail nursery and turf farm. We also provide retail service to the public.

Cloverdale Nursery was founded in 1964 by Hans Borbonus. Hans Borbonus was a skilled architect, with a passion for plants, who migrated to America from Germany.
When looking at the nursery you can see his heritage reflected all around. The stained glass windows in the silo, antique cobblestones, terracotta roofing, and intricately carved pillars in the courtyard.

The land our nursery is currently located on was an old dairy farm in the ‘50s. Our main office is attached to what was once the milk barn. Just behind our office you can see the old silo that was once used by the dairy farm. Cloverdale Nursery has been selling trees, shrubs, sod, and bulk products since 1964.

Our turf is grown in Kuna, and all of our plant products are grown right here in the Pacific Northwest. Our Nursery is truly unique and definitely worth stopping in to see. If you have a landscaping project; you can rest easy knowing you are supporting a locally owned business and buying quality products.

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2528 N Cloverdale Rd, Boise, ID 83713