Cascade Compost  

This is an exciting local product that we have been using in our canning production. Cascade compost is forty-year-old decomposed bark sawdust mixed with small amounts of top soil and sand. We highly recommend using it for tree and shrub planting as an amendment.

Please ask about our other amendments and which one will work best for your job.


$52.50 per cubic yard.



Screened to 5/8 of an inch.  

$32.00 per cubic yard.


This is the perfect combination for planting beds. It loosens up clay soil and provides for excellent drainage.

80% Cascade Compost
15% Lava Fines
4% Peat Moss
1% Fertilizer

$59 per cubic yard.


It's almost planting time. This Garden Mix has the combination needed for your garden.

56% Premium Top Soil
34% Cascade Compost
10% Composted Manure

 $44.50 per cubic yard.

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