Ground Cover


Bark makes a great top dressing for landscapes beds and tree wells. It is available in 3/4" Soil Aid, 1 and 2 inch Chunk Bark as well as 1 to 2 inch Shredded Bark.

Shredded Cedar-$56.50 per cubic yard.

Supreme Walk On Bark-$54.00

Soil Aid-$56.50 per cubic yard.

Small Chunk Bark-$65.50 per cubic yard.

Medium Chunk Bark-$61.50 per cubic yard.



Lava is a nice alternative to bark and will maintain its color indefinitely. Locally mined lava is available in Red, Black, and Red/Black mix. Lava is available in 3/8" minus or 1" sizes.  

Lava Fines.  (red, black and mixed).  $45.50 per cubic yard.

1" Mixed lava.  $57.50 per cubic yard.

1" Red or Black lava.  $62.50 per cubic yard.


Premium Ground Cover

Our Premium Ground Cover is a special blend of Cascade Cloverdale Compost and Black lava fines.

This blend is designed to help prevent blow off from wind, but still allow for direct planting of shrubs and trees.

$52.50 per cubic yard.

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